Hi! I'm Marcia

Life Changing Academy, Founder & CEO

Marcia Smith has successfully launched one of the top life changing programs in the country for the last 3 years.

As the Founder and CEO at Life Changing Academy, she has developed the mindset and has changed lives for the clients she serves. She collaborates with industry leaders and influencers who genuinely have a heart to help people live a better life. Life Changing Academy is a company Marcia Smith created to help people learn how to properly structure a business as leverage to create the life they really want to live step by step and with an accountability to ensure their results.

In her free time, you can find her spending time with her family, getting in some much-needed self-care, reading or catching a good movie.

Marcia Smith oversees a team of 6 Coaches and over 400 students at Life Changing Academy.  She is a trusted Coach, Mentor and business woman.  With only 3 years of business consulting experience, Marcia Smith has worked on several valuable projects, including Proper Business Structure and Women CEO Network that has helped her to become an industry leader in the business consulting and networking space.

Before creating Life Changing Academy, Marcia Smith launched her first business The Home Buying Club, where she’s responsible for educating first time home buyers on how to get home buying ready and purchase their first home.  Her expertise and commitment to education has allowed her to be recognized as an industry expert in real estate.

Marcia Smith never graduated with her college degree.  She became a single mother and had to work to provide for her children.  Her experience came from her life lessons which is why her passion can be heard when she speaks.  She started her first business from her experience in purchasing her first home. Now 20 years later has led to multiple businesses.

Combine brains, beauty and beast mode tactics, you have Marcia Smith. She has a zero tolerance for excuses mentality which was birthed from serving as a Supply Clerk in the United Stated Marine Corps and working with 99% men. Marcia Smith takes on challenging responsibilities, such as leading large groups and creating opportunities for all to be successful.

She is a Master Strategist, professional entrepreneur and skillful leader who knows how to create solutions to every business problem. Her impressive business background has allowed her to build multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses, while helping others to launch their businesses in order to achieve the same results.

She loves to visit the streets of Houston to give back and serve the homeless community.  Marcia Smith has a passion to see more people become financially free and create the life they really want to live.  At the current speed and growth of Life Changing Academy, she will exceed her own expectation.