Proper Business Structure 1.0

New or existing businesses will learn the steps to properly structuring a business from start to finish. Having a properly structured business is the foundation to building business credit and access to business funding.

Proper Business Structure 2.0

A collaboration of existing business owners coming together to build big businesses and helping the inner circle build their business.

Business Funding

The road to building wealth on steroids is learning the power of leveraging OPM (Other People’s Money) to create strategies to build a successful and profitable business.

Women CEO Inner Circle

When it’s time to elevate to the next level and 10X your business goals, hire a Mentor. Get access to 6 to 12 months access to accountability, structure, plan of action and revenue blueprint to building a 6 and 7 figure business.

Strategy Session

Hit the reset button in your business and get a clear plan of action from a business expert that has mastered every area of your business.

Monday Morning Meetup

The Power of Experienced Leadership, Support and Accountability
New businessowner or existing businessowner, you want to have a Mentor. A Mentor is a relationship between an experienced business person (the mentor) and an existing businessowner (the mentee). The goal is to minimize your trails and your errors not lose money. Your mentor keeps you dialed into where you need to be and the steps required scale your business while increasing profits.

Strategy Session

Need to do a brain dump or organize your thoughts and ideas?   Marcia can help you create a solution and get you started executing your vision.  Our strategy call will be a 60-minute virtual call.  We will discuss your business goals and formulate a plan of action that will help take you, your brand and your business to the next level.

Business Funding

How long have you been in business? Are you using your personal or business revenue to keep your business operational? There are a number of funding options to help you get access to business funding to meet all your business needs.